FT-450 Returns Home

We had to send our FT-450AT to Yaesu in California a couple weeks ago to fix the serial port.  It had been working fine for the month we had the radio when it suddenly died.  Ironically, it died the day after I finished building the 10/15/20/30/40 meter coax trap dipole and a few days after I got my new callsign.  The timing was definitely unfortunate.

Yaesu said the estimated turn around time was 2 weeks, but it appeared on our porch yesterday, just 7 business days after they received it.   There was no explanation included, but it looks like they replaced a RS-232 transceiver (ADM202EARU).  Thanks to Vertex Standard for the quick turnaround!  I ordered a opto-isolator for the serial port last week just in case it was something in the shack that caused this problem…better safe than sorry, right?

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