RTTY Weekend

I recently broke my toe while sparring at Taekwondo, followed promptly by surgery, so playing radio turned out to be a very nice distraction this weekend since I had to have my foot elevated and on ice.  I worked two contests, getting on the air again (other than checking in to the local VHF net occasionally) for the first time since July.

TARA Mêlée
I worked my first JA during this contest, JA7IC, on 15m! I also worked 12 states and Canada, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina.

QSOs: 34
Multipliers: 20
Total Score: 620

10 meter RTTY Contest
I worked my first two Alaskan stations during this event, KL7AC and AL1G. I also worked 12 other states plus Mexico, Canada, Aruba, Argentina and Chile. It was a good day for 10 meters.

QSOs: 66
Multipliers: 20
Claimed Score: 1320

I also plan to be on the air this weekend for the ARRL 10 Meter contest, possibly operating multi-op single transmitter with my wife.

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